What is H. Stephen Glenn’s Developing Capable Young Peopletm (DCYP) all about?

  • DCYP is designed to help adults discover principles and strategies for encouraging the development of essential elements of character, resilience, maturity and self-sufficiency in young people.
  • DCYP is based on an extensive and growing body of research that demonstrates that three perceptions and four skills, called The Significant Seven, largely determine how effectively people deal with life and its challenges.

The Significant Seven - Perceptions and Skills for Healthy Development

  • Perceptions of Personal Capabilities - "I am capable of facing problems and challenges and gaining strength and wisdom through experience."
  • Perceptions of Personal Significance - "Who I am and what I have to offer is of value - life has meaning and purpose."
  • Perceptions of Personal Influence – “I am accountable for my actions and choices and can influence how I live.”
  • Intrapersonal Skills – Skills of self-assessment, self-control, and self-discipline in response to feelings.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Skills to communicate, cooperate, share, empathize, resolve conflicts, and listen effectively when dealing with people.
  • Systemic Skills – Sufficient responsibility, adaptability, and flexibility to deal with the systems in which we live (social, legal, environmental, etc.)
  • Judgmental Skills – Skills and resources for making decisions and choices based on moral and ethical principles, wisdom, and experience – developing “sound judgment”.

Fostering Positive Human Characteristics Through The Significant Seven

As our young people acquire strength in The Significant Seven, they become:increasingly empowered and effective in facing the challenges of life, and less vulnerable to a wide range of problems such as violence, substance abuse, gang involvement, adolescent pregnancy, chronic school problems, etc.

Encouragement And Support For All Youth In All Settings

  • DCYP has proven effective in accommodating ethnic and socio-cultural diversity in communities nationwide.
  • DCYP has proved successful in many different settings, such as school, social services, family, youth serving agencies, justice system, and the workplace

Anyone in a position to influence youth development is encouraged to attend Developing Capable Young People training programs or workshops. For more information contact Dr. Bruce Colston.